Carnaross GAA Club, Co. Meath - A82 DW01

2020 Committee

Presidents: Fr.Casey, Patrick Woods, Ray Manning, Peadar Nugent, Tommy Smith, Fr. Walsh, Benny Murphy, John Shannon, John Cahill

Chairperson: John Plunkett

Vice Chairperson: Damian Finn

Secretary: Seamus O’Connor

Assistant Secretary: Paul Donoghue

Treasurer: Ian Donoghue

Assistant Treasurer: Tomás Plunkett and Ronan Ward

PRO: Shane McNiffe

Ladies Chairperson: Niamh Donegan

Ladies Secretary: Marie Yore

Ladies PRO: Veronica Finn

Insurance Officer: Cian Gillic

Registrars: Tomás Plunkett, Ian Donoghue, Marie Yore, Kieran Yore

IT Officer: Damian McArdle

Safety Officer: Shane Casserly

Irish Officer: Peter Carpenter

Healthy and Wellbeing Officers: John Larkin, Brian Comaskey, Victoria Olwill

Juvenile Chairperson: Damian Finn

Juvenile Girls Chairperson: Regina Murphy

Juvenile Secretary: Kieran Yore

Juvenile Girls Secretary: Marie Yore

Childrens Officer: Victoria Olwill

Coaching Officer: John Moore

Facilities Manager: Tadgh Skelly

Grounds Committee: Eamonn Comaskey (Chair)

County Board Delegates: Malachy Plunkett, Gene O’Reilly

Executive Committee: John Plunkett, Damian Finn, Seamus O'Connor, Ian Donoghue, Shane McNiffe, Niamh Donegan, Regina Murphy, Tomás Plunkett, Damian McArdle, Peter Carpenter, Brian Comaskey, Victoria Olwill, John Moore, Malachy Plunkett

Finance Committee: Damian Finn (Chairperson), Seamus O’Connor, John Plunkett, Tomás Plunkett, Aidan Casserly, Joe Price, John Larkin, Thomas Nugent, Ollie Murphy, Frank Mullan, Ronan Ward, Killian Porter, Kieran Yore

Development Committee: Brian Comaskey, Ollie Farrelly, Michael Yore, Aidan Casserly, Martin Lydon, Conor Woods, John Plunkett, Malachy Plunkett

Adult Teams Manager: Benny Reddy. Selectors:- Pat Connell & Alan Gillic




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